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How do I make a booking? 
You can make a booking online or by calling us on 07887950119. During busy periods and due to work commitments we may not be able to call you straight back. We try to follow up all calls in the evening if we have not spoken to you at the time of your enquiry. In busy periods we advise messaging via our social media pages or emailing us as we may be able to respond more quickly.  

We will try and accommodate last minute bookings where we can but book early to secure our more popular equipment. We can work with you to accommodate specific booking times if you have hired a venue please state any requirements at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs around other bookings. If you are hiring equipment for use at home we are able to leave items overnight if you have a secure garden area. We do not charge extra for overnight bookings. Please bear in mind that equipment may be hired out on the day following your booking so collection may need to be early in the morning.

What methods of payment are available? 
We accept cash on delivery. This must be paid before we leave the equipment with you. We are also able to provide a receipt or invoice for equipment. Please let us know if this is required at the time of booking so this can be prepared, We are able to supply details for BACS payments should this be required. 

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?
Should the cancellation for inflatable equipment be due to bad weather which makes use of inflatable equipment unsafe there will be no charge. We do reserve the right to cancel bookings should we deem conditions to be unsafe due to weather. We will work with you to accommodate alternative booking dates where we are able to. Should a booking need to be cancelled for any other reason within the 7 days prior to the booking, payment will be due for the agreed hire charge.

Go Blast party bookings have a £100 non refundable deposit. Any cancellation made within 7 days of the booking taking place will result in the full balance being payable. We will work with you to secure an alternative date for your booking.

Are there any age restrictions?
Our children's castles are generally suitable for children aged up to 14 years. We do however recommend that discretion is used due to variances in physical size. For safety reasons it is not advisable to mix the ages and sizes of children using the equipment as smaller children may be squashed or knocked over by more boisterous larger and older children. Age restrictions relate to safety but also to ensuring equipment is not damaged. Children's castles are not designed for adult use and can be damaged if they use equipment.

Go Blast parties are for ages 6 years and over. Nerf Rival equipment is for those age 12 and over.

Can you set equipment up on hard surfaces?
We can but we must know at the time of the booking 

How much space is required for set up?
At least 2.5ft wide access is required for most of our castles. In the area where equipment will be set up at least 1 foot either side of the castle is required to allow for access to the blower and to secure anchor points.
Please make sure the area where equipment will be set up is clean and clear from garden items and anything which may soil or damage the equipment this includes animal faeces, sharp items, litter, toys and overhanging branches.

Is there anything I need to provide?
Just access to an electrical supply. We usually use 20 to 30 m extension cables so will need the supply to be within this distance of the site where equipment will be used.

How much time is required to set up/ deflate equipment?
Generally it will take 15- 20 minutes to set equipment up. This time may vary depending upon how far we have to transport equipment from our vehicle to the set-up location. We do ask that the space is clear from any debris before we arrive including animal faeces (dog or cat poo!) and sharp items. At busy times of the year we may have other deliveries or collections so any delays may mean we have to return at a later time to set equipment up if the space is not ready and accessible.

When collecting equipment we will need to see the equipment inflated so that we can check for any problems and also that equipment is ready for the next hire. When we have left equipment overnight we ask that it is inflated as early as possible in the morning so that it is dry when we collect it. When it rains or is damp water gathers in the bottom of equipment and makes moving items very heavy.

Do you have Public Liability insurance? - We hold £5 million public liability insurance and can provide copies of this on request. We are also able to provide copies of risk assessments and safety certificates for event organisers. 


Go Blast:

Is there a maximum number for parties? 
Parties are priced to accommodate 20 children. It may be possible to increase the numbers please let us know when you book how many you wish to invite to the party. Larger numbers may require a larger venue for safety purposes. There will be an additional charge for each guest over the 20 that are included in the package price.

Can guests bring their own blasters or nerf guns? 
We would prefer they didn’t as we have lots of blasters available. If they do choose to bring their own it must be clearly labelled with their name. We are not able to accept responsibility for any damage to any personally owned blasters bought by guests.

What is the format for a Go Blast party?
All parties start with a safety briefing and some warm up games so the children get used to the blasters. We will then split the guests into teams and will include them in a series of games as teams. We usually do around 45 minutes of play, then have a break where you could include food and finish off with another 45 minutes of games and activities. 

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