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Payments can be made by the following methods:

Bank Transfer ( indicate this in the additional information section on the booking form and we will provide details)Cash on delivery or via the booking system on the website.

ALL non payments are followed up using all legal

options available to us including court processes.


All bookings are confirmed on the basis that you have read and agree to the terms of our cancellation policy.

When you book an item or items for hire this makes the chosen equipment unavailable for hire to others on that date. The booking made is for use of equipment on that specific date not just the equipment itself. It will also incur costs to us for staffing that are booked to be available to work on that day.

Any cancellations made by a customer within 28 days of the date of hire will require payment in full. This applies to ALL bookings regardless of reason for cancellation, whilst we understand there can be some difficult personal circumstances which may be the reason for cancellation, these terms do still remain in place. Where a booking is amended and items of a lesser value or fewer items are requested the original booking value will remain payable. Please note items from our Wedding category will be subject to a cancellation policy of payment being required in full if the cancellation is made within 92 days of the date of the booking. All payments for services to be delivered at a wedding must be paid in full 28 days ahead of the date of your event.

If a booking fee has been paid then this is non-refundable in the event of any cancellation regardless of when cancellation is made.

Booking fees will be deducted from the remaining balance which will be issued by invoice and will require payment within 48 hours of the cancellation. Please contact us via telephone in the first instance to confirm cancellation.

if your booking is made on a pay per play basis and you cancel your event within 28 days of the date of the event we reserve the right to charge for the equivalent hire cost. This is to cover loss of income and also staffing costs. Our staff are booked in to work as soon as a booking is made and therefore other work will be turned away. For inflatables this will be the daily hire cost, for Face Painting this will be the equivalent hire cost as a guide a 2 hour party is £120. Please respect that on a pay per play/ face basis we are carrying a large element of risk if an event were not well attended.

Due to recent cancellations have occurred due to event organisers claiming to have "double booked" within 48 hours of an event taking place it has become necessary to implement this condition as we as a business can not be left with the costs that this incurs. We still have to pay staff!! For those event organisers who have robust systems in place this should not be an issue where pay per ply basis has been arranged.

COVID-19 cancellations - if a member of your household tests positive for Covid-19 or has to self isolate then the booking will not be able to go ahead. We will require proof of the need to self-isolate to accept a cancellation reason of Covid-19. This could be a screenshot of a text or email confirming this to be the case. The opportunity to transfer to an alternative date within the following 3 month period ( subject to availability) will be provided.

We will work to the government guidelines in place at the time of the booking and therefore strongly recommend that if hiring a venue that you have an alternative location e.g home address to transfer the booking to so that you can still enjoy some celebrations should indoor parties not be allowed.

Please note this applies to members of the household that have made the booking and not guests. If a guest has been instructed to self-isolate and you wish to cancel then payment will be required.

Weather related cancellations will only be permitted ON THE DAY OF THE BOOKING. We all know only too well that the UK weather is changeable to say the least! Reasons for weather related cancellation only apply to inflatable play equipment and not hot tubs or fun food machines. Weather related cancellations relate to heavy and persistent rain or where wind speeds or gusts are predicted to be 24 mph or above. Ground conditions or hot weather are not considered a reason for weather-related cancellation and we strongly advise that you consider the area in which you intend to have the equipment set up and if there is heavy rain in the days ahead of your booking if you have an alternative area to use.

Where temperatures are high during the summer we advise use of socks and keeping arms and legs covered on slides etc.

Where we can we will consider the impact of wind conditions at the site where equipment will be used. Weather related cancellations MUST be made by 9.00 am. as this is when our deliveries start.

We pride ourselves on our reliability and approach to safety. Where we have to cancel due to poor weather this will be with the safety of users in mind. We pride ourselves on our approach to safety above profit.

Should a refund be issued due to weather related cancellations or any other reason at the discretion of ourselves then we reserve the right to retain any administration/ transaction fees that have been incurred on payments made through the booking system.

No refunds are given in full or part due to lack of use by a customer during the time of hire. Our rates are based on a full day rate regardless of whether you hire for 2 hours or a full day. Overnight hire charges allow for items to be used later on the day of booking not the following day

Tickets for events, classes or sessions that we run are non-refundable and non- transferable.

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