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Frequently asked questions

What times do you deliver and collect? 

Delivery for home based hires is usually between 9 and 11 am with collection between 5 and 7pm. In winter months ( October onwards) outdoor hire collections start from 4.30pm 

If you are hiring a venue we can work with you around the times you have hired the venue. Please contact us so we can confirm we are able to accommodate the timings you require ahead of booking as we may already have other booking in for the times you require delivery and collection.  Late collections can be facilitated please contact us to discuss and for details of the extra cost for this 

Overnight hire is available for an additional charge starting from £20. We will collect first thing in the morning usually around 8am but this may vary depending on bookings. Overnight hire charge allows for later use on the evening of the booking not use the next day.

Should you wish to have a collection time later than 7pm this will incur an additional charge of £30 if we are able to accommodate later times. 

Things to consider for hiring at home

We can only set up our inflatables on grass as we have to peg the inflatables down using large pegs.

If you have astro turf we would still need to peg through this. We can not put our inflatables up outdoors on hard surfaces such as concrete, patios, gravel, tarmac due to the amount of weight needed to safely secure it. ( 163 kg per anchor point and there are a minimum of 6 anchor points on an inflatable.

If you are cutting the grass in preparation for your party please do so at least 2 days before the hire and ensure any loose grass is collected up. to avoid it getting into our equipment. This also saves your carpets if the children are in and out of the house during the party.

Overhanging trees and bushes must be cut back to avoid damage to the inflatables.

Think about where you are going to position the inflatable. Our slides have an overall height of 22ft so do need to position these where there is sufficient room. avoiding trees and shrubs which may get in the way. There needs to be clear space around the inflatable at the front and sides. We allocate a 15 minute delivery slot and cannot keep moving the inflatables, they are heavy for our team to move.  You should also think about where the adult that must be supervising the castle will be positioned so that they can clearly see what is happening at all times.

You are not to move and reposition our inflatables once we have installed them. This can cause damage to our inflatables and our insurance will not cover any issues that arise from incorrect installation if you have moved our equipment. 

We will move the inflatables on a sack truck these are heavy and require clear routes to where the item will be used. Please make sure that if we need to go through a garage that there is a clear pathway and any bikes or lose items are moved out of the way. If there is an entry/ alleyway/ side entrance to the garden this must also be clear of Wheely bins, hosepipes and any lose items stored in that area so that damage to our equipment can be avoided 

Does the equipment need to be inflated on collection? 

Yes it does. This allows us to check the castle over for any problems and check it’s clean and ready for the next hire.

What are/ aren’t we allowed to have on the inflatable?

People are allowed on the inflatables ( no adults on kids castles!)

The following are NOT  allowed on our inflatables:

Food and Drink - especially chewing gum and sweets!!

Balloons filled with foil confetti or party poppers ( they cause staining) 

Sticks ( yes we have found those in a castle before! They are not only dangerous for users they can pierce the castle)

Sharp items such as jewellery, plastic toys etc

Pets are not to be allowed on the equipmwnt.

Do NOT allow pens near our equipment

Additional charges will apply for any damage, staining and additional cleaning that may be required. Costs will start from £50 where additional cleaning has been required.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes our Public Liability Insurance covers up to £5 million. It covers installation and collection of equipment. If we are not supervising equipment then it will not cover any accidents that arisen due to lack of supervision or user behaviours.  As the hirer it is your responsibility to nominate an individual to supervise the equipment and make sure they are aware of the information in the terms and conditions of hire. Some venues insist on insurance being in place to cover supervision of equipment. Some but not all home insurers may offer cover for this. As an alternative you can hire our staff to supervise the equipment during your event. Please be aware they will be supervising the equipment and safe use of the equipment. Supervision of the children will remain the responsibility of their parents/ carers. 

How  long will set up / collection of equipment take? 

A kids castle takes around 10-15 minutes to install.

Slides take around 20-30 minutes

3 part assault course takes up to an hour 

Soft play can take around 30 minutes to pack away ( Please make sure all of the balls are back in the ball pool for when we collect) 









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